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Ayurveda Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

Ayurveda is a traditional holistic health care system, older than any other system of medicine, which has been practiced in India for more than 5000 years. It represents the science of life and longevity originating in the Vedic traditions of India. This ancient Indian medicine seeks to reestablish the harmony between the body and its habitat by creating the optimum health environment. It believes in detoxifying the body as a prelude to strengthening the immune system.

Ayurveda has a vegetarian outlook and what makes it so unique is the fact that it prevents and cures ailments without any side effects on the human body. The ultimate goal of Ayurveda is to create a state of holistic health for the individual, to create, consequently, a healthy society and environment with its herbal health remedies.

The urbanization of life style has had its impact on most of us. As per the principles of ayurveda, this increases the quantity of diseases causing substances, called malas. Activity is always good for the body but, as the pace of life overtakes human ambitions, a person becomes ill at ease while trying to keep pace. He/she faces diseases like Stress, Strain, Depression, Arthritis, Asthma, Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, etc.

In other words, de-generative diseases set in, slow the pace and defeat the purpose of his/her life. Throughout our life span, tissues and cells are destroyed by the body and replaced again by newer ones. With age however, the replacement is negligible leading to health problems. One ailment leads to another causing a cascading effect and disorders.

As ayurveda deals with both prevention & cure covering psychological and spiritual aspects of life i.e. in totality, balances the imbalance body (Body, Mind & Soul). SRIRAM HERBALS health care products derived from natural resources with the concept of 100% vegetarian help both the healthy and the ailing. A wise person will not wait till ailment sets in but will use SRIRAM HERBALS natural health care products. A healthy body & a healthy mind, our vital products aid to succeed in all walks of life, for the young and old.

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